Tree Shepherd is currently working in several areas that are experiencing intense regeneration. All the schemes involve significant investment in the fabric of the area, the creation of new jobs and many new houses. Whilst this will bring new money and opportunity to the area, inevitably this change also creates uncertainty and concern.

We are creating networks of local residents who want to start a new business in their area. Some of them see great opportunities in the changes that are coming – others want to help the community to navigate those changes. Whatever their motivation we help them to create a business they can be proud of and at the same time create a sense of community as they share their development with other local people.

Simultaneously, many often very long-established businesses will be forced to relocate, and the process is normally quite drawn-out and stressful. These businesses worry about the challenges of finding and securing new premises and they worry that they will lose customers when they move. And the move itself is extremely emotional and time-consuming.

Tree Shepherd seeks to be involved in an area before planning is agreed, building trust and rapport with the traders and getting to know their concerns and their ideas for the future. We help them start to plan that future while they have some time to think.

When the development plans then become a reality, we will be there to help these businesses put their plans into action, find the right new space and support them in moving their livelihood and starting again.

Through our empathetic approach we can help you deliver a development that enables new businesses to start up and thrive and helps existing businesses to continue trading.

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