Winners of the recent Tree Shepherd Survey!

Back in March we sent out a survey and asked for feedback on how you feel about Tree Shepherd. The deadline was March 15th and we would like to thank you all for contributing.


Yuan (Peter)  Zhixiang
Yuan has a herbal shop based at the Elephant and Castle shopping centre, he has been living in London 15 years with his family and worked on his business nearly 7 years. The products sold are natural herbal tea and some herbal made products, which are used for detox, slimming, skin problems and pain relief etc.


Alison Clayburn
Alison runs a writing support and facilitation service, focused on tutorials, workshops, courses and events in Rotherhithe, London SE16, plus useful items of interest to writers and aspiring writers.

Alison is a poet, writer and writing tutor/facilitator who also enjoys producing artwork and, living in Rotherhithe, which has a thriving arts ‘scene’ is. Alison also finds the river an inspiration – I run creative writing workshops and short courses locally- both general and Writing for Self Discovery.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check her out here:


Dana-Marice C Xavier
Dana runs a floristry business called Blossoms of Grace, where she makes flower arrangements for all occasions. Dana specialises in making customised designs to order, with a creative flare so customers can have exactly what they want. Using both artificial and fresh flowers my focus is presentation & making the customer happy. Diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at 2 & a half, however, raised with a hardworking ethos, to be a success, Dana kept pushing myself forward even when through really hard challenges. Dana admits to still struggling daily with some areas of running the business, yet wants to encourage other people with disabilities to believe in themselves, to believe what they can do well & can be a success.



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