Westminster mobility device inventor wins Church Street competition

Well we’ve had another successful round of our Church Street business plan competition – with the winner of a £100 e-voucher being Shahrokh Mohammadi (Ph.D.). Let’s hear about his exciting new business idea…..

TS: Tell us about your business, what do you do?

Shahrokh: We are developing a unique device to allow the elderly, partially able and those with reduced mobility to exercise. It’s a device that can be used in bed, used in a seated or standing position for the legs. The same device can be used for exercising the arms when hung on a wall. It’s a new invention which has the power to transform the lives for 10s of millions of people, globally. It’s for people who are impacted

by older age, arthritis, osteoarthritis, diabetics, amputees – exercising improves blood circulation and offers cardiovascular benefits and help build up muscle mass.

People are being hurt by COVID – some for a very long time. Many are still in bed. The longer people are immobile, the worse things can get for their fitness. Muscle mass disappears if you don’t exercise. So now seems a really important time to get something in the market.

TS: How are you developing it?

I am at the stage of looking for a grant in order to produce the prototype. I’ve spoken to several doctors and patients, who love it, and want it very soon, so I am looking for every grant I can find. It’s so hard to find financial support at the moment. But I will keep going. If any potential investors, market researchers, or crowdfunding experts are reading this – get in touch!

TS: When did you start up?

Shahrokh: I started in August 2019.


TS: How did you come up with this idea?

Shahrokh: I’ve been working in oil and gas just under 40 years, in senior positions, and it was after spending some time a close family member, that I discovered she was struggling getting any exercise, yet needed to keep moving, so I came up with this idea. I am really passionate about healthy aging. The Government also has also encouraged people to lose weight and keep fit – especially as we think now that COVID is further complicated by extra weight.

TS: How has lockdown been?

Shahrokh: Well I see it as this – change is a constant in life, But no financial assistance to start-ups was a real surprise, and it has meant finding funding h

-voucher – what are you going to spend it on?

as been a lot harder than I had imagined.

TS: Tell us about y

our history with Westminster – what brought you to the area?

Shahrokh: We’ve lived in Westminster for over twenty years. It’s a great place to live in, there’s so much going on, all around the clock. There’s a lot of change afoot.

TS: What involvement did you have with Tree Shepherd?

Shahrokh: Over the last several months, I have attended a few online webinars and been supported by Tree Shepherd’s very friendly and helpful staff, especially, Rhona who has put me in touch with a lot of people.

TS: So £100 e

My daughter has used it! She was very excited, so thanks so much for the voucher.

TS: You’re welcome. So what’s next for you?

Finding funding is key – so I will keep applying and networking to be able to get the product off the ground.

If you can help Shahrokh with funding or want to learn more about his project, please email me at Shahrokh.mohammadi@nsinnovations.co.uk

To find out more about our work in Church Street please go to: https://treeshepherd.org.uk/regeneration/churchst/ 

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