Tree Shepherd’s Catherine Blaikie: Inspiring Young People & Supporting Nepal

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On Saturday 15th August I will be in the AFF (accelerated free fall) training – preparing myself for my 1st ever SOLO jump from 12,000 feet at descending speeds of up to 130 per hour and on my way to becoming a professional qualified skydiver starting with Level 1 skydive.

I strive in life to challenge myself and to raise awareness for causes that I feel passionate about.

My main reason for this jump is to raise funding and awareness for the plight of the Nepalese and homelessness brought about by the earthquake – described below.

However, I also want my jump to be a feat that inspires the young disaffected people that I help secure work placements for in Southwark. Many of these young people are held back by a lifetime of serious disadvantage, living experiences that we would all feel shaken and de-stabilised by. I want them to see me doing something out of the ordinary in the hope that they too can take the challenge head-on of getting a job and doing something positive themselves to turn their lives around.

For Nepal:

I want to raise awareness of my upcoming humanitarian expedition to Nepal and raise vital funds for the “on the ground” rebuild and recovery plan for the Nepalese community who have not just lost their homes but tragically lost friends, mother’s, father’s, siblings, children as a result of the earthquakes earlier this year. This is part of a bigger picture to raise awareness on the devastating effects as contrary to belief “homelessness can affect anyone, anywhere, at any stage in their life.”

For SEEDS: Homelessness – affects our young people too

Some of the people on our SEEDS project have experienced homelessness or are at risk.

Fortunately most people will never experience homelessness, but for those who have it is a very traumatic experience hard to escape from damaging physical and emotional well-being along the way. To make matters worse, homelessness in many instances is a result of people carrying with them the distressing experiences they have suffered which led to their homelessness in the first place, such as domestic violence, relationship breakdown with a partner or family, redundancy, drug and alcohol abuse and/or fleeing persecution from another country. Homelessness has a particular adverse effect on children’s educational progress and future employment opportunities later in life which sadly is the case with many of the young people registering onto the SEEDS project.

If you like to contribute to the Nepal rebuild and recovery program

please go to the link: SUPPORT NEPAL TO REBUILD

If you would like to find out more about SEEDS – whether you are a Southwark employer or somebody supporting young people – please contact me on 07816 976569 or:

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