THRIVE members’ information

  • All user packages require an active annual membership.
  • All fees are subject to change. Changes will be notified to members with at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Annual membership and user package or pay-as-you-go fees to be paid in full prior to space use.
  • Annual membership and pay-as-you-go fees are non-refundable.
  • Pre-paid monthly user package fees are non refundable for the first month. If purchased in blocks of two or three months at full price, cancellations with a notice of at least 15 working days will receive a refund for unused months that begin after the 15 working days’ cancellation notice period.

Space use guidelines

  • Except for fixed desk and fixed workstation user packages, workspace is available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • When purchasing a user package, members shall indicate the primary space they intend to use – Desk or Maker Space.
  • The Maker Space is reserved for maker-related activities and shall not be used for office-type activities.
  • The Desk Space is reserved for office-type activities. However, some desks may be used for quiet, clean making, space permitting and at the discretion of THRIVE staff.
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