High Trees Enterprise CourseTree Shepherd runs regular business surgeries, where you can benefit from a one hour consultation with our CEO Colin Crooks.

If you are not yet a member of the Lambeth Forest Enterprise Network:

To attend the business surgery it is advisable to have a business plan. If you don’t, you will be recommended to go on to our ‘start your own enterprise’ course.

If you do have a business plan and are operating as a business, you may book an hour’s consultation with Colin. The fee for this consultation is £45 for Lambeth residents and £75 for non-Lambeth residents.

On receipt of payment a Friday time slot will be booked.

Forest Enterprise Network Members:

After students have had their 1st course one-to-one meeting, they are entitled to up to 2 x FREE consultations with Colin Crooks and this opportunity is to be taken up within 6 months of completing the course.

For Forest Members that have been with Tree Shepherd for 6 months+ the £45 fee will apply for those not on benefits and/or on a family household income greater than £22K. For those still on benefits or a family income less than £22K, a fee of £25 will apply.

Again, on receipt of payment a Friday time slot will be booked.

If Lambeth, all businesses are automatically invited to join the Forest Enterprise Network, increasing its potential for further cross-pollination in terms of generating the local economy.

To book:

Please call Administrator Monique Tomlinson on 020 3697 1541 or email

Address for surgery: Office 2, The Brix at St Matthew’s, Brixton SW2 1JF

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