Stop Press! SEA Adopts Tree Shepherd L Plate Idea

We are proud to report that the new Social Economy Alliance policy document has adopted a key proposal put forward by Colin Crooks. L Plates for Entrepreneurs is one of the 5 SEA approved key actions the government can undertake to help boost the social economy. It will help address the challenges of social immobility, aid a million unemployed young people and ultimately assist with stagnating wages and living standards, inequality, disadvantage and reduced access to opportunity.

What can government do? Point 5:

Accessibility and red tape – An Entrepreneur “L” plate would to provide a window of tolerance for start-ups, available only to first time business start-up, reducing barriers to entering self-employment and social entrepreneurship. The L plate would open up a number of reliefs, discounts and deferments for a determined period of at least one year, bringing a range of government support mechanisms into one easily accessible brand. This could include one-to-one guidance and advice on tax and benefit issues, an extra 3 months grace on production of first accounts, an income tax relief, business rates relief and freedom from compliance charges, for example. Commercial suppliers could be encouraged to offer discounts on a range of services such as book-keeping, banking, insurance, premises, IT and IT support, which would make it very attractive to sponsors, with the support packaged under the single brand.

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