Statement from Tree Shepherd on Black Lives Matter: We Want to Hear from You

We have all seen in the news the shocking murder of George Floyd and on-going violence being perpetrated on black people worldwide.  With the rest of the world, we condemn this appalling racism, and we also know that racism pervades many UK institutions and we deplore that fact.

We have seen how many of our institutions are inherently racist and how the black community have to struggle daily to get a fair deal.  By holding back future leaders, stifling entrepreneurship and forcing the black community to work much harder to achieve goals their white counterparts readily access, our country is increasing social tensions and losing out on so much talent.

The Tree Shepherd family represents communities from every race and background, and today we stand together with the black entrepreneurs and traders currently in our network, and the thousands more we are yet to know, who are creating inspiring businesses every day.  Tree Shepherd was formed to upend discrimination, provide everyone with the opportunity to flourish and grow in business, and take away the barriers to entrepreneurship we know have been experienced by so many.

We recognise though that as an organisation we need to gain a deeper understanding of the issues so many face and we are committed to playing our part in changing this reality by working together with the black community.

We will look at ourselves, our ways of working, and how we can live out our commitment to being not just non-racist but anti-racist. We will be hosting a series of discussions groups to look at how racism impacts on the experience of new start-ups and entrepreneurs, how we use our entrepreneurship to build bridges, pathways and solutions and the next steps we need to take. If you are interested in taking part, please join us by contacting us or calling 020 3948 3020.

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