Southwark Enterprise programme

There is so much to think about when you start a new business for the first time and it can be very daunting. There is a wealth of information on the internet, but the advice can be conflicting and confusing. Tree Shepherd has developed its 3M© business model which is designed to cut through the jargon and zoom in on the things that are most important for starting up. All our tutors are specially chosen for their practical experience of running a small business and for their ability to make business understandable.

Do you have an enterprise idea?

Do you need help growing your business?

Our much acclaimed Start Your Own Enterprise (SYOE) course takes people through all they need to know about starting up and everyone comes away with their own business plan. Across London, more than 400 graduates of the course have gone on to get their business successfully started. We consistently get over 90% “excellent” rating by our students who regularly point to the practical support the course has given them.

We are currently delivering 'Start Your Own Enterprise' courses for Southwark residents based either in SE16 or SE8, supported by British Land – available for free. We also offer weekly business clinics to residents of this area under the same funder.

In South Bermondsey, where we have just completed a two-year programme of 4 courses funded by Grosvenor, we are currently delivering business clinics for residents from Southwark-wide and plan to deliver training again at Big Local Works in Spring 2019.

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