Low-cost workspace to help start-ups to scale up

Many people start their business in the back bedroom or around the kitchen table. For crafts people and clothes-makers this can be cramped and disruptive to family life. At some point they just need more space. However, initially they only need it occasionally and their budget is really tight.

This is where our lovely workspaces come in: Tree Shepherd has taken 2 very different disused buildings and cost-effectively converted them into amazing workspace. Glows was the rent office for Lambeth Council in Tulse Hill, SW2 and Thrive was the Flaming Grill pub/restaurant in Canada Water, SE16. Both now perform a very different function as much needed stepping stones for new businesses.

Glows is a fabulous bright open space and we’ve designed it especially to be a great, affordable place for makers and creative people to work, connect and develop their business.

Thrive is perfect for business development. It offers, hot-desks, training and meeting areas and permanent workshop, therapy or office space under the same roof. Everyone can work comfortably and develop their business idea.