Sponsor Colin’s Whoosh 470 mile Climb and Bike Ride!

Colin on his Bike.JPGOur CEO Colin Crooks is raising £5K for the Forest Foundation.

He is a keen cyclist and on 30th April will be cycling in WHOOSH – a cycle run from Swansea to Fishguard to Skegness – a gruelling 6 day climb and bike ride covering 470 miles and doing around 36,800ft ascent.

To pledge money, please hit: Sponsor Colin

This money will go towards grants to help people from under-privileged backgrounds to set up in business in the estates of Lambeth and Southwark.

Whereas Tree Shepherd trains and nurtures budding entrepreneurs, the main issue for many remains the cost of getting going. The Forest Foundation is key for providing much-needed grants for these people who would otherwise struggle and might even give up.

The goal of £5K means that 10 – 15 local people can be supported to start their businesses and pay for such things as a sewing machine, a microwave, a cash card reader, ladder & tools, a market stall, a website or business cards.

Donors are invited to attend celebratory launches and network events and to see the start-up business in action. They will also be recognised and acknowledged as supporters of the Forest Foundation.

The Impact

Tree Shepherd has a wealth of experience in helping give people the confidence to know that they can be an entrepreneur and can turn their lives around.  In 2013/14 they successfully reached out into Lambeth’s estate communities – engaging with 147 people. In 2014/2015 this number has increased to 200. Just over a third of all participants go on to start test-trading or setting up in business.

2015 has seen Tree Shepherd support job creation for young people in Southwark and we will be working to encourage entrepreneurialism in this borough too.

The campaign will make a huge difference in supporting up to 15 people from both boroughs to start a business which in turn will have a hugely positive impact on their families.

Risks and Challenges

The risk regarding the bike ride is health, fitness, stamina, battling the elements and the bike making the 300 miles. Colin was born with a cycle helmet on and has considerable experience in long distance cycling. He is fully prepared to meet the challenges head on.

Other ways to help

Please spread the word!

Also feel free to offer in-kind support for the beneficiaries of the Forest Foundation grants in the form of volunteer enterprise mentoring, support and advice with business elements such as book-keeping, marketing, branding or business planning.

Whoosh Itinerary:

Day 1: 90 miles (9000ft ascent) Swansea to Fishguard

Day 2: 75 miles (8100ft ascent) following Sustrans route 82 for most of the day

Day 3: 82 miles (8100ft ascent) climbing & cycling incl. Llandrindod Wells and Knighton

Day 4: 73 miles (7100 ft of ascent) along old railways with a fair amount of climbing

Day 5: 68 miles (4000ft of ascent) via Matlock, Newstead Abbey and Southwell Bishop’s palace crossing the Trent at Dunham and Newark

Day 6: 82 miles (500ft of ascent) the longest yet flattest part of the route

To pledge money, please hit: Sponsor Colin



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