Church Street, Westminster

Street markets have long experience of changing and evolving with the times. Large scale development can test that flexibility to the limit. Not only does it cause significant disruption to existing trade but it also very rapidly brings in new customers with often very different expectation. Church Street, just off the Edgware Road in Westminster, is an area which expects to see tremendous changes as many buildings in the vicinity are redeveloped.

Tree Shepherd in partnership with the City of Westminster is working with the local community and existing market traders to keep the market vibrant as it adjusts to the day to day changes brought on by construction work and develops new services that respond to the expectations of the thousands of new residents and visitors that are expected to be attracted to the area in the coming years.

Change is difficult and our role is to help existing traders adapt and to support local residents to bring new business ideas to the market and the immediate area to keep it fresh and dynamic

Tree Shepherd are bringing to the community of the Church St area, a wealth of experience in business support and guidance to provide the existing traders and those aspiring to trade, with a strong sustainable local economy.

Starting in January 2019 there will be a series of business guidance workshops developed for local start-ups and existing local businesses, as well as the invitation to book individual guidance sessions

We will be keeping businesses up to date with on-gong developments in the Church St area, as well as:

• Offer 1 to 1 mentoring to help them through a period of change
• Provide training on planning, marketing & cash flow forecasts
• Provide information on finance and funding
• Support deliver business networking events & workshops

2019 Workshops / Training dates are as follows:

Tuesday 22nd Jan
Whats changing in Church St and how can you grow your business?

Thursday 28th Feb
How to utilise your business network and develop new ones

Wednesday 3rd Apr
Accounting & financial planning made easy with smart technology

Tuesday 21st May
Social media & promote your business by generating more sales

If you would like to book one of these workshops please click on the link below:
Church St Workshop Link

For more info about further support please email
or give us a call on 020 3948 3023