Canada Water

Tree Shepherd's abiding philosophy is to work in a defined area and help local people to grow their local economy. This is especially important when an area is subject to large-scale change. The opportunities that regeneration can bring are significant, but the local community will need substantial support and guidance to help them benefit from them.


In Canada Water, British Land are developing a masterplan for more than 47 acres of land which includes the disused Daily Mail printworks and the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.

Tree Shepherd are working with British Land to encourage and support local people to start their own business and we have developed a comprehensive package of enterprise training, expert advice clinics and connecting people with market opportunities.

Connecting and network building are really important elements of the Tree Shepherd model. No-one yet built a business entirely on their own. All successful business people had help along the way – from family, friends, neighbours and other businesses. Many of our clients need a bit of help to activate their network and to get known. By tirelessly working to bring people together, seek out opportunities and introducing people to them our Business Connector brings our concept of a supportive network to life.

Our approach is to create momentum by bringing more people into the network through word of mouth and personal connection. As more people enter our enterprise programme and join the network, more business gets done and the more sustainable the network becomes. We started our first Start Your Own Enterprise programme in October 2017 and we are looking forward to growing a really strong network of fabulous entrepreneurs.

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