Project Dare Celebrate Body Workshops

Three Aims for Project DARE!

1. To inspire men, women and young people to celebrate their bodies by increasing confidence in themselves as they learn how to be their own best friend.

2. To encourage peer support and bonding through shared experience and a person-centred approach to workshop leading.

3. To promote the DARE as a lifestyle choice. Once you establish you can work outside your comfort zone, both mentally and physically – your confidence grows and grows, and now guess what – you are unstoppable!

The Project DARE! Sessions

Project DARE! challenges men, women and young adults to adore their bodies and radiate confidence by taking on Daring tasks that increase self-esteem and teach self-compassion whilst celebrating the body, having fun & feeling fabulous.

Project DARE! is a rollercoaster of exercises specifically designed to boost self love and celebrate of the human body. The DARE Sessions (or series of exercises) are primarily theatre based. A range of bespoke techniques are played out to get Darers (participants) to demonstrate their unique abilities. The sessions have the Darers displaying their skills without their realisation.

We use the work of practitioner Augusto Boal to explore deep routed issues. We facilitate discussion on root causes of low self-esteem & teach skills actors use for confidence on stage, we celebrate the genius of our body, get in touch with our senses, intuition and inherent power each of us possess.

By the end of the sessions, the Darers will come away knowing what makes them unique, loving their body more than ever before and will have the skill and knowledge to recapture this incredible feeling whenever they need too.

Project DARE! sessions empower the Darers to think about themselves in different ways. It is a programme focused on body image, but also a catalyst for enriching one’s life through achieving inner peace. This will show through  growth in confidence, self-expression and outlook. The workshops are energized, positive, fun and lead in a celebratory manner.

Contact: 07507 530929

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