Lambeth Country Show 2019

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the Lambeth Country show. This page will contain all you need to know in terms of the Documents that are required for the event.



Traders selling food will need the following:

Food Trader Health and Safety policy – please read

Risk Assessment Template – Please complete and return – if you need support on completion of this please contact us and we can provide a face to face support meeting.

Food Traders Questionnaire (PDF & Word doc) – please complete and return, the PDF can be printed out, and handwritten and sent back to us. The word version can be completed online, saved and returned.

Food and beverage documents:

Food Trader Health and Safety policy


Food Traders Questionnaire (PDF)

Food Traders Questionnaire (Doc)


In addition you will be required to evidence – so please provide a copy of:


  • Proof of market public liability insurance (certificate), in date and covering the period (Scan or photograph)
  • Evidence of kitchen inspection by council
  • Food Hygiene Training Certificate Level 2
  • Menu and/or brief product description


When you return your documents please make sure it is clearly marked as to what it is.


We appreciate this may be overwhelming, if you are unsure at all as to how to complete any of the required forms or how to supply any of the forms – please contact us on the following number 020 3948 3023 as we are arranging face to face appointments at Glows to assist and support your submission






Sustainability policy – by signing up to the trade show you are agreeing to adhere to the sustainability policy, there is a site wide ban on all single use plastic


Prohibited items:

  Plastic bottles

  Plastic drinking straws

  Plastic bags

  Plastic Tea / Coffee stirrers

  Plastic Clothing tags

  Plastic Condiment sachets

  Plastic milk pots, sticks & jiggers