Bespoke decoupage art pieces from SA(L)VAGE ART

Laura Orsini, part of Tree Shepherd's network, has created SA[L]VAGE ART, a colourful and unique creative art business based in London. She rescues these unwanted animal figurines and clothes them with paint and paper cut-outs. Their new, unique attires are provided in vibrant colours and elaborated motifs as a new lease of life for the animals and as a further inducement for people to invite affordable art into their homes.

Découpage is a modern word for cutting paper and gluing it on a surface. This decorative art has a long and varied history: from the felt appliqués of Siberia, to paper-decorated Chinese screens, to Polish folk art, to becoming a fashionable past time in 18th century Western Europe. Découpage continues to evolve in new styles, applications and techniques.

Sourced in charity shops and car boot sales, these wooden animal carvings are the work of unknown artists. In dressing them up with a new colourful, floral attire of paper cut-outs Laura's hope is that they will inspire joy and find a good home. Laura is offering workshops and also selling her pieces. Contact her on 07900 258949 or email

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