Jacky Teshome: “Tree Shepherd is there for my business journey”

Jacky joined our programme when she enquired about a business surgery in February. She then studied the Start Your Own Enterprise course at High Trees Community Developent Trust in March. Last week she attended our business surgery for a business update on her maths and science private tutoring work for Year 6 to A Level.

Jacky kindly provided the following testimonial:

“Tree Shepherd helped me to start my business in tutoring. More importantly, Tree Shepherd is there for my business journey. People say that starting a business is lonely but I have experienced that I am not alone. Tree Shepherd is beside me.

What makes Tree Shepherd special is that the CEO Colin Crooks is genuinely passionate about helping new business starters. Tree Shepherd is a place to ask any questions, to network, to learn and to progress. I have witnessed seeing businesses thrive at Tree Shepherd and I am confident that they have put me on the right path.

You got a business idea? Don’t panic – just contact Tree Shepherd. A simple email to them led me to where I am today, I highly recommend them to individuals and companies.”

Hey thanks Jacky – what a great testimonial!





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