Tree Shepherd celebrates success at Lambeth Country Show 2017

Only Sheepskin at LCS 2017

They say it’s hard to sell ice to Eskimos? But can you really sell sheepskin slippers in summer? Well the answer is, with the help of Tree Shepherd – YES!  2017 was another fantastic year for Tree Shepherd at the Lambeth Country Show. With 31 traders in the tent, the weekend was bustling with activity as Tree Shepherd entrepreneurs steamed through the two days, selling everything from unique designer bags, to Indian food, massages, natural products and even sheepskin slippers, which flew off the shelves. It was testament once again to Tree Shepherd’s astonishing success in helping develop small kernels of business ideas into sustainable, profit-making businesses, which go on to  form a successful trading network.

Audrey Williams with her paintings at LCS 2017

Cambridge Weight Loss ladies at their stall

Based near the fairground and charity section of the Show, the Forest Enterprise Network Tent attracted hundreds of people over the two days. Colette Thomas returned with her designer bags ‘Colster’ – a year after launching at the Show last year. And with business going well, she has expanded her range to include changing mats and bags in wipeable fabrics ideal for the beach and use at the pool. ‘Lydia asked if I wanted to come back and I said ‘I am THERE!’ It was a no-brainer. It’s great to be back in the tent’, she says.

Colette Thomas – Colster at the LCS 2017

The complete list of traders… drum roll please…
Food: Ghanaian Catering Bar, Links Kitchen, smoke n jerk, Lucknow2London, Shave Ice Desserts, Comfort and Joy Healthy Food, Home & Away Food. 

 Products: Babies World, Empressive, Cambridge Weight Plan, Made by P.L., Mousetrap London,Bespoke Jewellery and Accessories, Audrey Williams, Paintings, Age Old Knowledge, Bizzie Bodies CIC, Colster bags, Pieces by Keke, Cards 4 Life, Gagachin Designs, Only Sheepskin, Akong T-Shirts, Nubian Jak Charity, Shoop Doop, Above.

Therapies and Services: Medical and Sports Injury Therapy, K’Diva, Tree Shepherd, Dankae serenity therapies

Our tent (with a dramatic sky!)

This year Tree Shepherd also put on two bespoke events – an Indian Cooking Demo by Lucknow to London, which brought in a crowd learning how to create Indian afternoon tea, and a speaking event from Colin on How to Win in Your First Year. Both attracted new audiences and it was great to see everyone getting involved.  We were also joined by African dance troop at the end of trading on Sunday, keeping the carnival atmosphere alive!

Colin advising on making your business a success in its first year

We are especially grateful to Suzanne Vincent for at Urban Village Homes for generously supporting us. Their beautiful pink bike caught many an eye.

CEO Colin Crooks said, ‘Another outright success for Tree Shepherd at the Lambeth Country Show! This is one of my favourite times of year – you see these new businesses coming together, making those all-important sales, and putting into practice some of the tough lessons they have learnt along the way. It is a real chance to showcase the real, tangible day-to-day impact of the hours and weeks of behind-the-scenes work we do, which is made possible by our funders and supporters like Lambeth Council.  With our help 650 people are now in the process of starting a business, and there’s no greater pleasure than seeing them flourish at an event like this.  The future is bright, I can’t wait to see which stars of enterprise start to emerge this coming year.’

by Sarah Baldwin

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