Our brand new affordable maker space

February 13th saw the launch of THRIVE, a new affordable co-working space, where local residents from SE16 can work comfortably and develop their business idea. THRIVE (formally known as the Flaming Grill restaurant) was brought back into community use by British Land and has become a much-needed resource for local people.

Thrive - Who are we?

The Vision

At the heart of THRIVE is our determination to create a sense of community where local people can support each other on their different business journeys.  There will be  opportunities for networking and sharing skills and services.

Read more about the Thrive vision here

So whats on offer ?

Whether you are running your own business or working from home, you can have access to affordable desks, meeting and training rooms or makers space.  Thrive is a really spacious and well-lit workspace, ideal for creative people. Designers and makers can spread out and see their patterns come to life.  It’s also set up for start up therapists looking for low-cost private space to provide treatments from.

We specialise in working with entrepreneurs from low income families from the SE16 area and Thrive provides low cost workspace for them and other residents.

You can become a THRIVE member for as little as £25 per year. Your Membership will enable you to:

  • Use the meeting and desk space on a low-cost pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Access to workspace bookings
  • Free high-speed internet Wi-Fi access.
  • Free use of THRIVE equipment
  • Low cost printing, copying in colour or black and white, A4 paper, and free scanning.
  • Peace of mind. THRIVE deals with all the issues that can slow a growing business down like: building insurance, electricity and water charges, security, and health and safety.
  • Working alongside other entrepreneurs and small businesses, which can offer companionship and community, inspiration, and opportunities for networking sharing skills.



Annual Membership                          £25

Fixed Desk
Daily Pay As You Go                            £10 per day
Fixed Hourly packages                         From £25 Per month

Hourly                                                    From £5 per hour
Daily                                                      From £26 per day
Monthly                                                 From £149

Hourly                                                   From £15 per hour
Daily                                                     From £92 per day

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about THRIVE please contact one of out Thrive Team members:

Shaun Wilson:       M: 07803097532      E:
Emma Carr:            M: 07857394777      E:
Sandra Ferguson:  M: 07857386151      E:

Opening Times

Mon-Wed 10am-6pm