Start Your Own Enterprise course

Do you have an enterprise idea?

Do you need help growing your business?

Our much acclaimed eight-day Start Your Own Enterprise (SYOE) course takes people through all they need to know about starting up and everyone comes away with their own business plan. All learners explore why they want to run a business, understand their target market and learn how to price and sell. Using our 3M© business model we simplify the process of getting a business started and cut through the confusing business jargon.

Our unique blend of practical business experience, challenging questions and good humour helps the enterprise students understand how to manage customers, raise and manage finance and how to present to potential investors or buyers. At the end of the course the students set off with their own sustainable business plan and the confidence to put it into action.
Across London, more than 750 graduates of the course have gone on to start their own business. We consistently get over 90% “excellent” rating by our students who regularly point to the practical support the course has given them.

Mainly focused in Lambeth and Southwark we have delivered 'Start Your Own Enterprise' courses across London from Hounslow to Hackney and everywhere we have received the same positive response.
We are not currently running this course but are in discussions with several potential sponsors.

If you are interested in this course please register here and as soon as we have a course running in your area we will contact you.

Hammersmith & Fulham residents -  8 week Enterprise Training Program

Petit Miracles and Tree Shepherd are offering an 8-week course in 'Start your own Enterprise' Training for residents of Hammersmith & Fulham.

The programme will run once a week for 8 weeks on Thursdays starting the 3rd October, through to Thursday 28th November 2019 (Please note there will be a break on 24th Oct, due to half-term), lunch will also be provided.

Duration : 8 weeks

Timings: 10am to 4pm

Venue: Wood Lane Community Centre, 78 White City Cl, London W12 7DZ

If you are interested in registering for the course, please follow the following link and complete the form Register your interest here , for any further questions please email

In order to be eligible for the course you will need to be currently unemployed or in receipt of benefits, please note there are limited spaces available.

You will also receive FREE supported trading at the Petit Miracle Hub shop PLUS business workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities.

The course is funded by LBHF and Hammersmith United Charities and LBHF.

Southwark Residents

There are no Start your own enterprise course running at present.

Lambeth Residents

There are no Start your own enterprise course running at present