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Colin speaking at Event 2DEBATING TOPIC:“the market for publicly procured services should be manipulated to favour suppliers who operate in areas of high benefit dependence or who employ people who experience significant disadvantage or disability”

Date, timing, and venue are as follows:
  • Wednesday 15th July
  • 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
  • Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, SE11 5HL
For Forest Network members who would like to see Colin speak and join the debate please contact and I will let the organisers know that you are entitled to a free ticket.
Free entry is also available for members – see above. For others, see the price at the booking link.

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Guest Speaker: Colin Crooks, CEO of Tree Shepherd

Some background on Debating London:

Why a debate and a training workshop at the same time?

Have you ever attended a talk, discussion, or debate, where everyone disagreed with everyone else without ever taking the time to actually listen to each other? Debates like this are extremely unhelpful for those of us stuck in the middle still trying to make up our minds, which is why at ‘Make Your Case’ we ask a professional debate trainer to listen to everyone and then analyse their arguments to see if they actually had a point. What we look for when do this are the assumptions that so many disagreements are based on, many of which turn out to be false.

Why does this matter?

If we are prepared to reject new ideas just because they confound assumptions that might not be true, then we risk making bad decisions that ultimately do more harm than good. But, if we are prepared to discuss the logic behind our opinions and accept we may be wrong, then we can create a safe space for controversial ideas that might ordinarily get shouted down or ignored.

So, what controversial idea are we debating this month?

This month Colin Crooks, CEO of employment charity, Tree Shepherd. Colin will be making the case for rigging the market to increase employment of deprived or disabled people. Historically, there have been two approaches to creating stable employment for the disabled and deprived: either the government creates jobs for them or charities work with businesses to include them. Colin’s going to tell us instead why businesses themselves should foot the bill for employing the less fortunate, even if it does not directly benefit them.

What do we hope to achieve?

Colin has frequently received short shrift from the groups to whom he has previously tried to defend this idea. This is the first time where we will put those objections under the microscope and understand how people reach their conclusion about the idea before them, whatever that conclusion is.

How does it work and how can I take part?

Colin will give us a ten minute presentation on his idea, which will include an explanation of why it’s necessary, how it will work, and why it’s a great idea. After that, he will take questions and comments from the floor (that’s you) so he can find out if he managed to convince you and if not, why not.

And the training workshop?

That comes after the break when our debate trainers take a closer look at all the reasons you gave for being in favour or opposed to Colin’s idea and work with you to examine the assumptions on which your opinions were based and the logic you used to justify your conclusions.

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