Carlian MacYalley: Gourmet Grubs

Carlian MacYalleyHave you ever wandered how we could tap into the nutritious value of insects and bugs? In some cultures around the world, eating grubs and insects is considered the norm. Food items such as crickets are high in protein, no-fat, highly nutritious, inexpensive and low emission eco-friendly. Yet in Western society they continue to be treated as a media joke and we still haven’t turned to insects as a viable food source. Carlian MacYalley is turning this on its head and introducing Gourmet Grubs to the market.

Carlian first came to Tree Shepherd in July 2013 when she studied on our enterprise course at the Spires Centre in Streatham. Her unusual business idea was quite a talking point at the time. A year later and her campaign is really starting to take root. She is being mentored by Jonny Rushton from Bar Seven Brixton, who joined the Tree Shepherd mentoring programme earlier this year.

Sue Sheehan from the Lambeth Food Partnership has shown a lot of interest in Carlian’s pioneering work, as it falls totally in line with the sustainable food agenda. They will be looking to Carlian to share her knowledge at upcoming food forums.

Carlian launches at the Lambeth Cuntry Show 2014 – Tent P4. She invites you to go and taste a bug snack. Contact:

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