Back to Business New Free Programme for Lambeth Residents

B2B_GenLogo_HiRes_300dpiA new concept business acceleration programme is being delivered by Brixton-based business training and incubation specialists Tree Shepherd and the charity Brand Amplifier. It is funded by the Cooperative Investment Fund (CIF), backed by Lambeth Council.

For some Lambeth residents, it is an extension on the Tree Shepherd ‘Start Your Own Enterprise’ course, only it is a concentrated programme of much shorter sessions to help you fine-tune the final requirements for business registration and growth. For others, you may not have done the course, but might be just as ready to qualify for the ‘Back2Business’ programme.

Ultimately we want to help you build a high-
performance business that could even go on to employ other Lambeth residents in your community. The aim is to put pace to building your skills and confidence in a practical supportive environment.

K DivaK’Diva (pictured) is a great example of a single mum who takes her business very seriously and has developed a great brand. With Back2Business you could do the same. 

The beneficiaries of Back2Business are specifically 1) lone parents with dependant-age children and/or 2) people aged 45 and over (“the Rising 50s”).

You need to have done some early work in developing your business and have reached a level where you are at least test-trading. You also need to be in receipt of some form of state benefits or on low household income.

To apply: Please click on one of the options below.  Please fill in every question and please only complete your survey once:

Lambeth Entrepreneurs who are Lone Parents

Lambeth Entrepreneurs who are aged 45 or over

If you are not sure if you qualify, or want some assistance in completing this – please contact us at Tree Shepherd. Call Lydia Gardner on 020 3697 1540 or

Each group will benefit from 8 workshops running from January through March 2016 to learn the skills, confidence and knowledge required to take a start-up business to the stage of being business ready.

Lone Parents will be Tuesdays 11am – 1pm from 12th January for 8 x weeks then a final ceremony on the evening of 15th March

People aged 45 and over will be Wednesdays 11am – 1pm from 13th January for 8 x weeks then a final ceremony on the evening of 15th March

Applicants will be contacted shortly, when you will be asked to pitch your business to a selection panel. The final deadline to apply is 12pm Monday 4th January.

So hurry and apply now!

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