Who is Tree Shepherd?

Tree Shepherd works within some of the capitals most deprived communities, helping people create new opportunities and supporting businesses under pressure of change. We bring entrepreneurial individuals together in shared, collaborative networks, to grow their confidence, share ideas and knowledge, set up businesses, trade together and ultimately employ other people. We offer down to earth advice and practical workshops to communities across London. We also operate 2 amazing, low-cost, flexible workspaces called GLOWS and THRIVE for the residents and neighbours of Tulse Hill and Canada Water.

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Support Enterprising Communities

Tree Shepherd supports local residents on every step of their start-a-business journey. From our enterprise “essentials” workshops and training courses through our regular face-to-face business clinics we offer the empathetic, knowledgeable support that people need if they are to turn their passion into a real business.

Our new shared, multi-use, craft based workspaces in Tulse Hill and Canada Water enable residents to take that business from the back bedroom or kitchen table to the next level.

Our programme provides the complete package to enable a locality to create and grow local enterprise and generate new employment.



In need of Business Support?

If you run a business in Lambeth, Southwark or Church Street in Westminster, Tree Shepherd can help. We offer a range of workshops covering essential business topics such as marketing, social media, compliance, cash-flow and budgeting. We also offer intensive problem solving sessions with our experienced mentors who can work with you one-to-one on specific issues that concern you.
Our low-cost, flexible workspaces in Tulse Hill and Canada Water are designed to support your business transition from home-working to professional space. Whether you’re a maker, therapist, seamstress, accountant or yoga teacher we have a space for you.
Check here to see what’s on offer and if you are eligible to sign up.

Regeneration consulting

Tree Shepherd works in regeneration areas to support and advise small businesses experiencing big change in their area.

We specialise in:

  • Comprehensive business needs surveys
  • Preparing individual business and marketing plans
  • Delivering bespoke business workshops
  • Providing high-quality, confidential business advice

If you are a local authority or developer wanting to bring the benefits of regeneration to local people and enable existing small businesses to thrive in a changing new environment, click here to find out more about what we can do for you.