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Why partner with Tree Shepherd?

Image: Tree Shepherd key statistics from last year

We work with partners across London to deliver tailored enterprise programmes which enrich the lives of participants and stimulate business growth and community cohesion.

Our partners value our innovative approach, unique insights into community issues and professionalism in delivering high-performing programmes.

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We can help:

  • Local authorities to reach social objectives by running mentoring, business clinics and courses for their local community
  • Corporates to deliver on their CSR objectives and run measured, successful outreach programmes
  • Housing Associations to support their residents, increase employability, job opportunities and create community cohesion
  • Developers to consult with residents and community partners and run community-based programmes

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Local authorities

Carers 4 carers group








We work with local authorities to deliver business training, business clinics, mentoring and advise on community integration in local development.

Tree Shepherd is a trusted, established social enterprise which fosters meaningful relationships with residents borough-wide and delivers results. Our approach is based on understanding residents’ needs, and patiently supporting them.

In order that local authorities are better able to reach their social objectives, a package of support for start-ups that is sensitive to community ability and need is essential.  Even from school age, local authority provision continues to focus on the ‘journey to jobs’ without including the entrepreneur option.

It is clear from our social impact reporting that we are bringing about positive, meaningful change in the lives of borough residents.  Through our intervention, entrepreneurialism is enabled, meaningful employment for local people is triggered and employability skills are raised.

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Housing associations

Tree Shepherd works with a number of housing associations to help improve and enrich the lives of residents.

Most recently, Hexagon Housing approached us to help local residents set up their own businesses, responding to a growing interest in self-employment within the area they worked.

The Community Investment Team initially trialled a business advice service, but soon realised residents required a package of support. Tree Shepherd then went on to deliver a  comprehensive Start Your Own Enterprise programme and develop a start-up network. 













By the end of the programme 100% of the respondents said they were ‘confident‘ at starting their own business, with 42% ‘very confident’. We continue to work closely with the CIT and support them as the local businesses flourish.

Read more about our work with housing associations in our Annual Report and Social Impact Study (p. 14-15)

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Corporates and Sponsors
Corporate responsibility opportunity 

Mentor matchingThere are several ways in which private companies can develop their CR programme and meet their targets by supporting Tree Shepherd. The social outputs already achieved by Tree Shepherd can be improved on with the expertise, investment and philanthropy offered by corporate organisations. This is of particular appeal to those companies who are keen to be involved in enterprise, employment and employability projects. CR opportunities include:

  • employee engagement with an enterprise mentoring programme
  • employee delivery of training packages in areas such as marketing, finance and commerce
  • professional secondment opportunities in new businesses
  •  hosting and panelling at network events and start-up presentations.

Greater opportunities are also presented for private companies who are seeking to be the main benefactors for new enterprise support programmes that target other socially deprived areas around London.

Sponsorship opportunity

Through use of a sponsor’s logo in all communications, promotion of partnership working, attendance and key note addresses at public events, Tree Shepherd can offer a number of benefits:

  • increased visibility and access to a rapidly growing south London business network
  • increased branding recognition
  • kudos associated with supporting a social enterprise that is well-connected with the London-wide business community
  • partner access to marketing and PR events 

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marquee good general shotTree Shepherd provides universities with a wealth of opportunity for engagement. A number are listed below:

  • volunteer opportunities for students
  • commercial work experience placements either at Tree Shepherd HQ or with a small start-up enterprise
  • volunteer mentor opportunities for staff and students
  • live case studies of businesses that are growing in London’s deprived communities which are a very useful tool for study and research around social change
  • a ready enterprise network that students can associate with.

Due to our work with such a large group of entrepreneurial people from London’s inner city communities, universities are able to partner with us, understand more about the dynamics of the 21st Century labour market and how it impacts on people.

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Tree Shepherd Alumni

Tulse Hill LadiesWe are looking to grow a new type of of entrepreneur whose heart is in their home community and who recognise that their growth and success has been achieved through collaboration and co-operation.

In the months ahead we envisage that many will develop profitable businesses and will want to support the Tree Shepherd initiative and contribute to the growth of other fledgling enterprises in their area. We envisage this will take three forms:-

  • Investment in new local start-ups
  • Mentoring
  • Donations to the Tree Shepherd programme

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