Enterprise ecosystem

By improving the underlying conditions, providing business support and promoting the local area, Tree Shepherd helps to attract existing businesses from outside the community to relocate. We encourage employers to consider taking on a disadvantaged person and supporting them through what can often be a difficult early period through our Patient Employment Programme.

The whole process needs a constant stream of accessible finance geared to the size and experience of the enterprises. Tree Shepherd actively seeks to introduce new local investment into the area for all its partners, whether old, new, small or large. We assist business planning to meet investment criteria and match investors with local businesses.

  • Networks

People who have successfully completed the Start Your Own Enterprise programme automatically qualify for membership of the Forest Enterprise Network. Others who are more established businesses are invited in as guest members without needing to take the course.

All members go on to benefit from having a collective online presence in the form of Facebook and other forms of social media. They are invited to attend networking events with themes that are highly relevant to the network members. Opportunities for group business development and consortium bidding are naturally facilitated by participation in the network.

  • Problem sharing

One of the great challenges faced by new entrepreneurs is knowing who to turn to for practical advice. Our philosophy is to build networks of start-ups where trust and familiarity can be built up. Bringing people together to share concerns, swap stories and experience and to share food and drink is the best way of ?

  • Attracting new patient employers

Our mission to increase employment, in particular for those who are deemed to be furthest away from the jobs market. We know that there is a lot of frustrated, untapped talent waiting to be recognised and given a chance.

Our experience has shown that with the right, patient employer, many people who have previously been written off by the jobs market can build their confidence and become invaluable, loyal employees. We help build bridges between those people and the businesses community, to make connections and to support them through the induction period.

How do you become a Patient Employer? Our Patient Employer programme is expressly designed to advise and guide employers on what to expect and how to get the most out of people who haven’t worked for a long time. We bring all our experience of working with people from all sorts of challenging environments to the programme and offer direct, common sense guidance.

Michelle Weeks of Clear Channel said, “I can’t thank you enough for the ‘reality check’ conversation. You saved the sanity of a lot of people….It’s early days but the programme is going well. The early success can be attributed to a number of things from the ‘Colin Crooks view of worklessness’.  The depot environment is quite buzzy and the trainees work in close proximity with other people who rely on them for time bound critical tasks.”

  • Flexible, low-cost premises

A key issue for any would-be entrepreneur is where to run the business from. You may start out in the back bedroom or the shed but once you have outgrown that you need some new cost-effective space. By matching resources such as unused or underused premises and facilities with local entrepreneurs and enterprises, Tree Shepherd plugs this gap.

We are well-connected with local property managers which helps entrepreneurs who need to find  inexpensive spaces for working, storing and trading.