Keeping money local – the LM3 Model

2 Sep

Wiser spending can bring huge benefits to struggling communities At Tree Shepherd we believe that a lot of the money needed to bring local economies alive already exists – it’s just being spent badly. Even our most deprived areas attract … Read More »

Enterprise Mentoring Works

18 Sep

Helping entrepreneurs make independent decisions about the direction of their business is at the heart of what we do at Tree Shepherd. Whereas the success of our Friday business surgery reveals that for many, a small amount of coaching and … Read More »

Strategic reporting for a better society

8 Jan

In December we heard that the Government’s Behavioural Insights team, or “Nudge” Unit, had found a way to persuade more than 100,000 extra people a year will carry donor cards. Their insight has helped solve one of the NHS’s most … Read More »

L plates for entrepreneurs

8 Jan

As a society we are very supportive of people when they are learning.  When we open the new Christmas game we take a few dummy runs at it so the whole family can learn the rules.  When I was a … Read More »