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The growing enterprise network in South Bermondsey



Who is Tree Shepherd? 

Tree Shepherd works within some of the country’s most deprived communities, helping people transform where they live from places of neglect into places of opportunity. We bring entrepreneurial individuals together in a shared, collaborative learning environment, enabling them to gain confidence, set up a business, start trading and ultimately employ other people.

  • We run enterprise courses, designed and led by experienced business advisors to help our learners turn their passion into a real business
  • We offer free support and guidance to local businesses through our regular face-to-face business clinics
  • We broker trading opportunities at street markets and events to give our entrepreneurs real world experience of exhibiting, buying and selling
  • We invite traders to join our support network of business startups, helping members to share knowledge, collaborate and win contracts

Contact: 020 3697 1541   or email info@treeshepherd.org.uk




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